Fine Woodcarving and Sculpture

John's Available Work

All woodcarvings are originals. Bronzes are limited editions.

I've completed high quality results for clients of all stripes, but also do my own work independently on speculation. This diverse collection of original carvings and bronze castings encompasses a blend of new work, as well as some from my personal vault. 

A number of pieces in the gallery were done from remnants too nice to ignore, and some from big visions I had to pursue. I hope you'll think about buying something if you love it, or sharing this gallery with others who will appreciate my work.

For pricing, commission inquiries, or questions please contact me. 

Chrysalis #1

Chrysalis #1


Hollow Monarch chrysalis vessel for interment. Metamorphosis and transformation set the Monarch free to fly away. I'd take the gamble to hop into one of these when my time comes. Just maybe...

Accepting pre-foundry orders for a bronze of the piece. Contact me for details.

17 1/2" x 7" diameter. 300 cubic inches.

Basswood. 2016


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